Cyclone Biker Boots
RRP £45
I got mine for £29 I think 
(It was on sale and discount ;) )
Sorry guys it's gone back up to the original price 
Best biker boots ever. 
The bottoms are great no sliding what so ever and inside it's furry, 
keeps your feet warm 
finished with faux leather. 
Shitty London weather, I got this!

Alexy Platform Chelsea Boots
I think every Topshop addict has a pair of these babies. 
Simply because it's plain it's black, it's heeled and it goes with mostly everything?
Downside, overly priced, feet start aching forever and bottoms don't have reliable grips.
So just stick to these if you know you won't be walking around ages!

L'imperatrice 3
Bought mine for £29 :)
Whenever I spray some on and go out, everyone asks me what it is.
It's not too sweet.
It's fruity, it's floral. It's SEXY!
But it's got that yummy smell to it.
I love the smell of fruits.
Punch rhubarb, watermelon kiwis pink florals. FML 
Just BUY IT!
Another great scent that you could buy instead of this is 
Calvin Klein - Sheer Beauty

TK Maxx
Sugar Cookie Candle
I'm not sure but I think this was in the region of £5?
It's a massive jar!
Only thing is, either my nose is always blocked because I'm ill
Or I can't smell it as strong.
But then again strong smells give me migraines.
So hey! Okay buy

All nighter setting spray.
£19 (I think)
I bought mine for £17.11
I've only used this twice so I don't think I'm ready yet for a review.
However I do know that it holds blusher and bronzer in place very well!
Eyes, different story. Maybe because I was too much of a coward to spray it on my eyes.
How to use it: Close your eyes and spray at arms lengths 3-4 times before 
and after you apply your make-up.

Not sure how much this was guys sorry!
 Eyeshadow Primer Potion
I used this once.
Once I tell you!
& Fucking hell. 
It was the BOMB.
Holds eyeshadow place for hours on end and bring out the pigment so much.
It's unbeliva-bubble!
Everyone needs it in their make-up kit :)

Nailene Nail Glue
Think I bought mine for 2 quid probably a few pennies more
Shittest thing ever.
Sticking on fake nails was a disaster. Your fingers start sticking together. It dries quickly. They came off straight away.
Just go with acrylic fills or paint your own nails honestly :|

I got it for £36-38
These colours are so damn good when worn on you can really
notice the colours popping out!
There's a mixture of brights and neutrals as well as shimmery, glittery and matte.
Great combination!
Recommend this to everyone (:

Now I haven't used the brush yet just because I didn't want to ruin it 
so soon but you can tell it's a quality double ended brush. 
It's soft and kind on your skin!

Pink Peplum Skirt
(I don't think that's what it's called though)

In the region of £25 I think
I got it for cheaper
Obviously haha
& they've taken it off the website now I think
It's a really pretty colour and this is the only peplum I do own 
just because everyone has rinsed the living daylights out of this trend!
It's quite flattering and girly too!
(What I wore on my 21st)

Is it really bad that I don't even know what this is called?
Or how much it costs?
Well, it's a midi skirt
It's actually double layered which means it's thick and it sticks to you like glue
But it keeps you warm bro!
I'm quite short so I found myself rolling it up or turning it into a maxi haha

Faux Leather Jacket
I'm really going down the hill with these prices aren't I?
Sorry guys!
But yeah everyone has this jacket. I just couldn't find something pretty simple 
like this but with added detail without it looking too punky and butch :\

A quid mate!
I bought another pair of lashes which weren't as heavy in volume and they were much better!
These were just too thick and made it look so obvious you had fake eyelashes on!
Of course, if Jordan is what you want to go for then by all means buy it..
Body suit
Halter neck with mesh inserts. I originally bought two, 
the other you can see on my birthday post but this I haven't worn yet. 
I would definitely team it up with some Leigh jeans from Topshop and heeled boots!
Add a bright lippy and you're good to go!

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