Hey girls!
Sorry for the longed out update.
But I have a haul on the way ;)
They're all on my SLR atm
So I'm just going to update 
you with shizz from my phone.
My shitberry.
With the shit camera.
Yeah that one.

N'awwww, sneaky sneaky!

Omg okay, I saw these on a website that I can't bloody remember of now
But they were GORGEOUS
However, I do remember the 2 main facts on why I didn't purchase them.
1. My size had run out! :'(
2. Pricey lil fellas 
(Just to comfort myself coz my size ran out -__- )

Like my lipstick? OCC Lip Tar, Pretty Boy :)

Okay well these babies are a collab with Nike & Liberty London
As you may have guessed from the pattern.
Again, my size ran out.
And yes these are the ones with a hidden heel.

My lovely crop Motorhead top from GladRags
A fashion boutique in Coventry
You can buy their products online too!
I advise you to get your butt cheeks over to the website!!!

LOLOL my attempt of fancy nail art.
Base: Barry M --- Matt White No.66
Tips: Maybelline --- Bubble Gum in No.155
Middle silver: --- Barry M glitter in No.4

Attempting the lilac tips
Barry M --- No.45

This was what my collection looked like LAST YEAR
Mixture of 'high street heavy' and 'designer light' brands
Now it should be worse.
Would you like me to do an updated version?
Let me know!!!


  1. W O W huge collection there!!
    followed you my dear on GFC. hope you can too :)


  2. Thanks for following me hun! :)
    Follow back coming right up :)))