Hello girls (and guys) !!
Hope everyone has been well
Tonight is going to be a fairly long night with the amount 
of fashion & beauty news I have for you!

As you know it has been a
with all thestudent offers going on
all over the UK
(Maybe the world?)
4th October unveiled 20% in the majority of shops
with River Island & Topshop being
just the minimum household names.
& loooooooooads of collections have started
hitting the rails too!
From MACs never ending collections 
(I mean quality please, not quantity deary loveable MAC)
Just recently did they have their Marilyn Monroe
range out. & as always, the lipsticks were
So very grateful for MAC for producing perfect lipsticks
Now all they need to do is produce great polishes!
Such beautiful colours but 
"chip resistant is non-existent"
and of course you need to layer about 10 times till you
get an even finish.
Not happening.
Sorry MAC, just improve, please!
Hope that's not too much to ask :)

(Pure Zen is my favourite, the last one. Cremesheen)
Check out the maccosmetics.co.uk for more info
& yes, the collection is sold out.

Needless to say my rant is not over! 
What is this with the lipsticks range?!
Literally reaching an all time high with the prices!
It seems to be on wishlists now
rather than a spur of the moment 
"Oh I'm on my lunch break and this colour is effing beauts. 11 quid ain't gonna harm me darlin' ".
No more 11 quids, mate :\

Anyhow, back to collections!
Anna Dello Russo for H&M is out now!!
What a beautifully carved range of accessories, jewellery & shoes.
Glamorous and Girly
Sounds a bit like me.
(My alter ego is a Rock 'n' Rolla for those who haven't guessed)
Or should it be the other way around? Meh, anyways.
Need to bag myself a few of these or I will die in a hole in shame for not
owning at least 1 thing from this collection.
I mean she is one of the most amazing bloggers around?
(I spoke too soon, I just checked and EVERYTHING is
Dude I know all about these collections before they come out
yet once it is "live" I'm busy at uni or simply because
all of you sneaky girls are on it like car bonnet before me!
I need to start carrying my laptop with me
and stick to wifi locations.
Must Do It.


I really wanted the crocodile bracelet/bangle :(((((((((((((((((((((((((

Also, I have my eyes on and prepared to
have a good stare session at the
CJG Topshop collection.
I love Topshop.
I love Topshop SO much that it really bugs me when I
buy something and EVERYONE I pass is wearing
the same thing as me :(
That's why I bought some shizz and returned some shizz.
Just be less fashionable people, please! haha
(It was an army jacket for those wondering what on earth
I'm rambling about)
Yeah, so this season Chloe Green has altered her feminine and sexy heels from Summer
into a Fall (as my Americanos say) gothika look.
Amaze-balls heels.
" Wedges so effing high bitches be trippin' "
Expect black-on-black,
Prints, snakeskin, studs, gold, lace blablabla.
She's also crammed in jewellery and scarves to her shoes line as well.
How very thoughtful of her!

Sex Bomb?

The Urban Decay Vice Palette has finally
made its way to the UK
(You lucky Americanos get first dibs. Need to move countries) 
I had my eyes on it when it was first released 
& the colours look bloody mesmerizing.
UD are known for their very pigmented cosmetics range
and hunny, quality is good for the price.
You can find the Urban Decay Vice Palette 
@ House of Fraser or Debenhams
£42 :)

& finally
The last piece of news I will bug you with.
The best is always kept LAST!
 I am now part of the 
MotelRocks Street Team
For those of you who don't know this brand
It's literally a go-to place for dresses :)
(They also have a huge range of other items of clothing)

So seeing as I'm part of their team,
What can I offer you?
Yeah, you heard me
(Read me)

so getcha ass cheeks over to the website and buy
till your broke...
....Just remember,
20% off for quality.
Quality better than quantity
Should know my phrase by now guys!

Discount code:

Yeah, the discount code is my name
How cool am I?

& now a few picks that I chose
from the New Arrivals.
Better get them and wear before 
some one else does.
My favourite dress. Reminds me of the Ocean and Mermaids :')
What would be real sexy would be over the knee black boots
Give it that ulta gothika feel
And if you want to tone it down some more, 
pop on a leather gilet ;)
Ahhhh, I love being a passionate blogger.

Total sexyness. Girls with structured shoulders should definitely reach out for this number.
Minimal, but sexy.

Everyone loves a bit of lace and gunmetal!
My birthdays coming up and I'm thinking to buy this.
I do have tits so I think it would look good?
You know, bare them out and all?
Hahaha :D Love it

Oxblood, Studs 'n' Spikes, Print & Leather are very in this season!
This playsuit would be great for a night out or in the day time.
Team them up with opaque tights and flatformed high top trainers.
A plain khaki jacket and you're good to go!
(Wooly hat too if you really want to)
...You can even pop a vest on underneath if you're THAT nippy.

 + Oxblood pencil skirt?
I think so!!!

Now these two came out before the new arrivals, but you just can't say no to the
Zabby turtleneck dress! And the gothic placement print Jodan jeans would
look great to brighten up your day outfit. I'd say team it up with a big off the shoulder
woolly jumper, black or white. Keep everything minimal,
you don't want a print nightmare :\

And that is it for tonight everyone.


  1. Hi, I love all your posts!! what do you think is better: UD vice or naked 2 xxx burcu

    1. Hiiiii Burcu!
      Well to be honest I think you should go for UD vice palette because it has both day time shades and night time as well as really punchy colours. But it also depends on if you are comfortable with bright eyes or if you prefer the day time bronzey look for naked 2 :)

      If it was me I'd go for Vice! :D

      Hope that helped xx

  2. Love the motelrocks post, all these items are amazing!

    Fellow street teamer, Maddie x
    check out my new blog maddie-elizabeth.blogspot.co.uk