Crop Motorhead Top - GladRags
I love the clothes in GladRags. You can find Motel stuff in there too as well as
Glamorous and other unique boutique brands.
They have a big selection of t-shirts and crops!!
So go to the websiteeee

Nail Paints, Croc Effect Paints, Eyebrow Definer, Liquid Eyeliner 
- Superdrug 
(Croc effect were free when you bought 2 Barry M products)

Cosy Knit Cardy with Spikes - Topshop Size 8
They're quite big, weren't any 6's or I woulda gone for a smaller
I got loads of compliments from it though!

Hat - Topman
My mate loves buying mens jumpers because they're big and warm.
& it was my first time buying something from a mens shop!
Well worth it. Cute zigzag and pom pom thing going on.

Leigh Black Jeans - Topshop
Needed black jeans and I admit, I've tried jeans everywhere, even the
jeans beneath from New Look weren't the right fit,
they're quite tight and it just doesn't feel the same way as Leighs

Blouse - H&M
There was a sale going on and all the items I bought were from that section.
For tops as you can tell I don't really have a "size" I buy anything that fits well.
The blouse is a size 6 (That's what the tag said on it)
And it's frikkin huge! Looks like a size 20
But I wear it in a layered effect with a tank underneath and make it more
of a cardy or I tie it up for a cropped look!
Love the pattern, good buy.

 Top - H&M
This is meant to be a size 16 but when you try it on it looks like a 10.
It's actually quite hilarious how most of the sale items I picked up
at H&M are way off their dimensions.
Nice button back and petern pan colour in a Reddish coraly colour!

 Top - H&M
I've always strayed away from Horizontal stripes.
I just have that conclusion of it making people look fat :\
But I did pick this up for £4 And it looks good tucked into your
jeans or shorts.

Print bomber - H&M
As you all know, I hate wearing the same thing as everyone else.
Even though my taste, may be in the interest of the public too.
Ah well.
This one was in the concession line I'M sure. I think.
It took me ages figuring out whether I should buy it or not because I had
a funny feeling someone else would be sporting it while I'm walking around in town.
But thankfully, haven't seen anyone yet!
Just in awe with the colours and print.

 Okay my friend bought me a bag from River Island
last year for my 20th and it's black and surrounded by fur.
So I bought these babies to go with it.
You get used to it once you start tottering around. 
I wore it with black jeans, black cardy, a cream top with black floral design.
Looked nice!
Appropriate for this awesome weather.

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