So I thought I'd challenge myself in a bit of a D.I.Y project.
I've been meaning to dye my bright pink jeans for a while. 
Mainly because after seeing everyone
else rinse out the bloody style I don't want to see it EVER again.
Plus it was Topshop.
Feel a bit sad shoving behind all my other clothes :(
Nevermind, so this was a bit of a 
Just to see if I can actually nail it once I dye the jeans.
This is a shirt that I bought on sale 2 years ago.
Never really worn it simply because it's SO tight
Don't be fooled by the size 12.
It's literally a size 4.
It ain't covering no boobs whatsoever.
And the arms are pretty tight.
So here we go.
Made it into a "gilet" denim style.
Wanted to add a bit more bling but I think I'll leave it with you lot
to decide?? To sew black sequins on or not???
So yeah, any one want any info or details and blah di blah just ask :)
Messiest thing ever.
You're meant to do it in a bucket btw, don't do what I did and use your sink.
Mine thank God didn't stain :|

Oh and some of my photos will not rotate.
Even though I have rotated them,
it seems to be on here they just won't budge :(
Well, I hope you like my post :)