Victoria Beckham A/W13 Fashion Show

After yonks I am back beetchs. 
As always,
but this time with fashion posts! Not boring old essays.
I mean which fashionista likes reading bloody writing...

Anyways, back to my post.
It's meant to be Autumn and that only means one thing, WINTER CLOTHESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!
YAY my favourite two season are Autumn and Winter. Love my boots, love my leather jackets, love my bold outrageous colours in the dark and dim England life. 

As we know fashion shows are going on all over the world. But the one that I give a sodding fuck about is VBs line!
I mean every "fashion season" her line of spectacular clothes gets better and better. I have to admit A/W13 has to be my absolute favourite!
First of all my favourite colour is blue. But my favourite colour that I like to wear is Orange. Warm colours suit me. And Orange is a sexy colour. For me that is. So this range appeals to me SO much. Look at the cuts, look at the brogues, the boots with cut out areas. Minimal yet so effective and pretty! I want it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay excitement over with
Hope you're in awe as I am!


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