Over all an amazing day spent with my friends going through
what I love, MAKE-UP

NYX was situated right next to the entrance.
Should have bought something but decided to buy on my way to the exit...
In which I was too tired to hustle my way through the millions of
crazy-in-love make-up addicts :(
My life is worthless :(
 Sorry for the batty dark pic :\
 Even though Nubar is quite well known I never saw as much people around
their stand..
They had gorgeous nail polish colours though
Just a shame that people were into Essie, O.P.I and China Glaze more
 One of the biggest brands at the event, O.P.I
£5 each, bargain.
 Nail art galore
 This was hilarious.
A fat line of people queuing up for a free nail varnish!
But you had to play a spinny game..
I'm just too impatient of a person to wait..
But my friend did win one!
 Obsessed with Nazila Love Glamour nails...
Take me to Sunday again...So I can go crazy and buy 20 packs :'(
 My aim was to buy some nails varnishes, fake nails, and fake eyelashes.
As always, I kept seeing eyelashes I liked and forgetting to go back and buy them..
No wonder I literally came home empty handed!
 HD Brows anyone?
Although, it was the lamest thing ever for "£25" discount price.
Bit of eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow dipped in water
spray of Urban Decay All Nighter spray and there you go,
Home made HD Brows! 
No need for extra dosh waddling :)

 Tanning booths ALL OVER the place
 Halloween Special Colours
 An amazing array of colours on the China Glaze stand

My aim was to nab a pack of these babies. But when I got to Nazila Love Glamour stall
they said the Nail Glitz was being sold for 7.99
I was like, errrr, piss off! What a BARGAIN
I needed to get my hands on them ASAP
Especially knowing that a bunch of celebs have been sporting them,
and my main fashion idol, Rihanna.
Wanted a day time pack and a pack for my birthday.
However, now that I realised I'll be wearing most likely RED on my birthday,
the pink nails wont go!
Just an excuse to buy more


Great bunch of mini pots full of sequins, powders, balls, glitter etc.
It was ranging from 50p-£1 
I was drawn to the blues, even though my main go-to nails paints
are black or pink.
But these were just GORGEOUS!!
Wish I bought more now :( 
I'll be sticking these onto my nails soon (:

Right, well at this point the place was literally unbearable to walk in.
I've always wanted to dip my toes into the nail designing industry so this was 
a great freebie for me!
Although I have to say the lady working was extremely rude when I brought
my friend along. She had said "excuse me" a number of times and she simply
ignored her until I said "Excuse me can my friend fill out the form for a freebie" 
and she literally nearly tore my head off! "YOU JUST GOT ONE EARLIER!!"
"No. I said my friend wants it not me."
Very rude, I walked off before I made a scene I have a very short fuse with
people who are disrespectful and rude.
But anyway, thanks for the kit.

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  1. I went to the Olympia show, most of the brow palettes seemed to be like cream eyeshadows. The acrylic freebies were of no use to me :(