Hey guys! Hope you all are good (((:

From today I'e decided to make major changes in a few aspects of my life.

I'm gonna have to start and produce my own website.
To everyone who thinks it's an easy job for a graphic design student, it ain't. Especially knowing that I'm going need to work night and day to produce one properly! haha
But I'm up for the challenge and I know for a fact that I need to start at some point learning how to make websites in order to become a successful graphic designer.

So thats done.
Also, I'm thinking of attaching a blog page to my website, which will include this site!
Now I don't know if it's is ideal to include a fashion and beauty blog on a graphic design website, but it's part of my life and I want it to be noticed to everyone that I am living a double life with one foot in the design industry and one foot in the fashion industry.

This will all take time to produce so don't worry, I'm still on blogspot for now!
If you all complain and want me still on here let me know :P

I was also wanting to change the layout of OykuModa but I'm not so sure seeing as I'm wanting to relocate the blog.

I may even make two websites, one for fashion and one for graphic design.
Still not sure yet!
But for the time being, I will start of with my business website. So still plenty of time for me to talk fashion marbles on here :)

This was just an update on what I was planning to do!
And I am also on a job search because it's my last year of university this year and would love to find a perfect graduate job for myself. Any offers will be lovely!

I'm also doing here and there handy graphic design jobs. Logos, posters, mixtape covers, you name it, I'll be on it! Money is not an issue, I need to expand my portfolio so any illustration work will be good too. FREE DESIGNING PEOPLE. Oh yes, let everyone know, I'm back in the show.

My twitter account is @OykzBlue
It's just mega quick to get in contact with me.
Or you can email me at oykuyigit@hotmail.co.uk

The new blog will be photo heavy, and I know all fashionistas prefer it like that. I have been on holiday and my cameras stuck at home while I'm at my nans so I can't upload any photos! Sorry about that :)

Any how, too much yap yap yap no work work work.

Fashion news will be updated soon.

Sorry for such a delay in posts, I just need to get my butt into gear and sum up what I have to do and where to start!!!


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