Elsa Schiaparelli !!!

Alrighty, here's your first lesson (in a while) about a style icon
Her almighty rival was Coco Chanel
But no offence to Schiaparelli, no one could ever compete with Chanel's elegant and feminine clothes.

Elsa Schiaparelli was an Italian born Egyptian who grew up in an aristocratic family. 
Money was the key then eh?
Things didn't go so well when Schiaparelli got divorced and decided to move to fashion central Paris.
It is there that she launched her career.
She had close friendships with surrealist artists Salvador Dali and Jean Cocteau. They inspired her to take her imagination of surrealism and ponder with it to secure its place in the fashion scene.
Now this does seem quite, 'cool' right?
But the clothes she made were elegant,just like Chanel's, however they had key parts which made it her own brand.
The Lobster Dress was one of these, and if you look at my previous post you will see Wintour sporting a gown resembling Schiaparelli's creation.
The Skeleton Dress and the Shoe Hat are just a small part of her creative outlook on the pieces she designed.
I don't know what you fashionista's think, but to me she was more than a fashion designer, she was an artist in her own way.
Unfortunately her pieces have been used in this living day as a joke.
Aka cheap garms in the shops with printed fake ties, £2.99.
The price is right, but the use of tack, disgusting.

You may not know this but designer names like Pierre Cardin and Hubert de Givenchy were trained by Elsa Schiaparelli. She is who made these name arise today!

I always thought she was more of an art teacher than a fashion designer.
What do you think?

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