Jessie J seems to be sporting the usual garms on The Voice UK.
At first I LOVED her purple Vivienne Westwood shirt (see below)
But then I keep seeing her in vintage Versace!!
It does get a bit boring seeing a world famous singer wearing the same brand everywhere she goes,
a bit like Rihanna rinsing out the BOY clothing.
Hope Jessie gets a proper stylist!
She's a cool and trendy woman, unpredictable who wears wigs. Not as outrageous as Gaga, but we do expect her to wear DIFFERENT brands....

In fact, I think she's addicted to Versace!!!

(Smashing joke goes out to Grazia -__- )


The public has a thing where they think some new trends look ridiculous
But when a celebrity sports the look, they dive into it and transform their selves into a tacky 

A/W11 I wrote a post about things that I don't like.
And one was everyone dying their hair bright red to look like Rihanna.
Rihanna gone out of that phase, into the blonde and already onto jet black.
So I suggest to all you divs to return to a hair colour that suits you and your personality. 
Not someone else.
After all, that's what makes Rihanna famous, for being her own person.

Right, that out the way, the real HAIR deal is this whole dip dye thing going on.
It's been going on since Winter. I praise the people who started doing it before it became a tacky trend.
But now EVERYONE is doing it.
No one's going to give you credit for being a sheep and following the herd
You look the same as everyone else.


As all the fashionistas in the world may know, The Met Ball Gala was held and was attended by very good looking females.
Anna Wintour (Vogue Editor of course, don't need a fashion degree to know that, cough)
was seen wearing a custom made Prada gown, reminiscing Schiaparelli's Lobster dress. 
Very elegant indeed.
But the on trend colours of dresses during the night was a clash between metallics and brights!
Sounds exciting and looks exciting, if I say so myself.
Below are just a handful of celebrities I thought looked immaculate :)


Other Designers:

 Marchesa  & Altuzarra

Michael Kors & Monique Lhuillier

Versace & Zac Posen

Lanvin & Ralph Lauren

Rachel Zoe & Ralph Lauren

Seeing as today my posts are about Versace and Prada as a whole,
I'm going to dedicate my next "news" about the A/W12 Prada collection :)
Yes, and Summer isn't even here yet in England :(

It seems that the A/W12 collection is full of repetitive patterns representing the 60s/70s era in quirkyness.
The other side is embellishments, the bigger the jewels the Prada-ry it gets!
The models here are sporting dark and ghoulish eye makeup,
Looks like the eyes are the key this fall!
Slicked back, straight, hair.
I would say a slicked back high pony tale with smokey eyes and pale rosey lips :)

 I will be writing a post later on or tomorrow about Elsa Schiaparelli, a rival of Coco Chanel.
I will also be writing posts based on designers and informing you about them!
:) Education + fashion = Oykumoda


[All pictures from google, daily mail, grazia and DazedDigital.com]

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