So as us British peeps would know, TK Maxx is a store that sells designer brands at VERY cheap prices. The place is heaven :)

I only managed to take two photos of the things I wanted the most.... Only because the shoppers were just staring at me like "What the hell is this bitch doing?!?"
What do they know about blogging?
Fuck all :D

 Sergio Rossi Flatforms!!!
I literally fell in love with these...
& out of love
Because of the nasty price :(
I can't remember exactly how much it was, but it was definitely out of my budget zone lmao

 Jheez look at all the security tags hahaha
I would do the same thing too!
In fact if I actually bought a real D&G bag I'd be tempted to lie and say it's fake :D
Yeah, the price is like over £300
Which is cheap compared to the RRP of £500+
("cheap"...LOL what an understatement)

 I don't remember who this vlogger was on youtube but she had the coolest taste in fashion ever!
Check these creepers out!
HELL to the YEAH
I weren't really into the whole creepers thing, because it looks really, what's the word, nerdy or "Irregular choice" kinda shoes for me
But when I saw this
Totally fell in love!!!
I love lilac!!!

Off the shoulder box/crop top/jumper from Topshop
Sale for £15 ;)

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