Oh wow!
Very impressed with blogger.com transformation!
Looks very clean and chic :)
Happy the old style has been shoved under the rug 8-)

Anyway! Back to fashionnn
Yes ladies, since I've come back to uni, I've been browsing through shops and checking out some holiday clothes :)
This is what I have found!
(And haven't yet bought)

The bracelets are from H&M for £3.99 :)
Teal Skirt is from Miss Selfridge for £10 (But I got it for £8 :P )
The sandals are from New Look for £15 I think, I got them for £13.50 (I THINK) 
ahaha they're from the teens section I couldn't care less loved them and had to buy them ;O:D
And the vest was also H&M for £3.99 (I think...LOL)

What do you think of the skirts and tops???
Gorgeous if you ask me! Absolutely love the patterns/prints it's so summery :)


  1. i adore the bright colors and these long skirts! and i have to admit that you look sooo beautiful in them :)