Oh god firstly, what a bloody liar I came out to be! haha I'm so sorry for saying I was going to post any type of updates as long as I have something on the blog: BUT I DIDN'T!

Rude rude rude
and appalling :O

Sorrrrrrrrrrrry!! I'm extremely thankful for my followers who have reached me to over a thousand views, I never knew that would be possible!!! Heck, I remember having 64 views and being frikkin' happy :)))

I'm off uni for a bit on my Easter break so I'll be posting more shizz on here!

I'm having major dificulty uploading videos and its pissing me off to say the least :(

As I'm in the "videos" topic, I would like to share to you my frustration on the hating that certain horrendous people comment on youtube vlogs and tutorials. I find it disgusting and it has majorly put me off in uploading any videos on my youtube channel. But I think I'm going to give it a go and see what happens. I'm a tough cookie tbh but cyber bullying is not my thing. I will end up having the last word if there is an argument, which I don't even want to take part in!

I will be opening my Graphic Design blog soon, every designer needs a blog to show their work right? :) And why the hell do I not have one, I seriously don't know!

I've also noticed that the blogs that I love the most are the ones with photos on. Any photo. Just looooooooooads of photos!

SOOOOOOOO that's my aim.
To take loads of photos of any beauty/fashion related item/thing/person blah :))))

I love you allllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Posts coming right up now! ;)
Kep ya eyes glued on bitches


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