I told you I love photos! And here's some that I wanted to share with you!
Some going out outfits, meals and all sorts :)

This was on Halloween where I have white contact lenses on and a simple black vest, bow cuff from H&M, Red lantern skirt from H&M and some red lippy :)

This was on another night out clubbing
My dress is from New Look and is a tight fitted one shoulder dress with embellishment across the chest area (Gold)
My heels are ankle boots also from New Look.
Below you can see the leopard print on them :)


This was my first night out with my roomies from last year. I went for the full on LBD look witht his black one shoulder dress from New Look. I also have a butterfly waist belt on :)

This was on a night out with friends to a club. I've got a cropped cardigan on that I bought for a fiver from central London! :)
And the dress is from Lipsy London. It's a boob tube at the top and there is three layers of ruffles after the embellished chest area.
(Purple contacts!)

Dress is from a small fashion boutique called Gladrags.
The label is Glamorous
I like to call this dress my Marilyn Monroe LBD because it's flowey and synches in on the waist. The back part is criss cross. I shall be taking a photo of these dresses soon because I know it's pretty dark photos thanks to my shitty Blackberry -__-

This is an LBD from Miss Selfridge with a deep plunge sweetheart line. It had mesh inserts on the waist but not as see through as you may think. There's two thick straps which are made faux leather :) Lovely dress and ultimately sexy!

Burgundy Burgundy Burgundy.
Hello :)

I've only worn this earring twice :)
I fell in love with it  when I saw it in Miss Selfridge. At the time I had a rocky style going on and I thought this fit perfectly. However I didn't know how bulky it was until I bought it and tried it on!

I got these done for my birthday :) My girl and I always get them done with different patterns on each nail back in London. But this time I was @ uni and had to go to a nail salon over there.
The nail technician was kinda shocked that I wanted different patterns and she was very pleased with the outcome! (It was her first time doing that)

After a week I got bored of the designs and wiped them off and did My own design with glittery nail polish over the white tips and a pink heart :)

Now, the colour may seem black because it was quite late at night when I took this photo but it is in fact a navy glossy colour from Bourjois. Can you believe this was the ONLY navy colour in the whole stack of nail polishes in the shop :O
(And yeah that is a real tattoo :) )

Ahhhh my amazing Honey Hook Adidas trainers that I had 
:( Now they're gone
*Sad face*

My eyebrows are penned on as you can with an angled brush and eyeliner. Believe me, you don't have to splash out on eyebrow pencils or shadows, if you have an eyeliner pencil that's all you need!
And a brow brush to sweep the brows into place. I suggest you to spray some hairspray onto the brow brush, but not too much otherwise you feel like you've just had botox and your face feels stiff haha

Out with my Creative Writing Society friends!

Mmmm Ice cream @ a buffet. My favourite ice cream flavour 
has to be mint and chocolate and classic vanilla!

Feta and parsley bites that I baked :) 

While on holiday @ Turkey I found these cute Cheetos crisps with a Hello Kitty package! 
Defo made my graphic designer heart skip a beat or two ;)

It was sunny @ uni so me and my girls decided to go for a picnic and we prepared Turkish and Indian bbq foods. The burgers are made from scratch by myself! :D

As you can tell my friends and I love dining. This was such a HUGE meal for just one person!
Lebanese lamb shawarma with rice, salad and yoghurt :) Very delicious but way too much haha

Typical Turkish style egg salad with Turkish sausage, feta cheese, olives and hot peppers and tomatoes :))) love it!

This was at an American Diner called "Howdys" @ uni
(Best place for junk, seriously!)
And this is my friends meal. ALL FOR HIM. And he finished every bit :O Fatty :D

The love of my life, Blackcurrant Ribena!

My curly hair thanks to a very special wand:

Remington Pearl Hair Curling Wand Ci95

Seriously Amazing!!!!

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