So I've been trying to get my hands on a rubber/perspex/frosted bag that looks like a Furla Candy bag
But all I'm finding is clutches, purses and...well some ultra ugly bags!
I just want an everyday bag that I can use for Spring/Summer...
I think the frosted bags have just started making its way into shops though..
So I may have to wait a little longer for something pretty : (
& a Furla candy bag not being available in the UK sucks!
(The American and International websites I have been on don't ship to the England)

Furla Candy Bag
These were ultimate arm candy last S/S11 and they are going to be even bigger this year.
Get yourself one!
It's £180 for the brightly coloured ones
& the 2012 Shimmery ones are £200
Or the shimmery baby pink/gold one :(
Wanna lend me some dolla? :D

Oh yeah, then I realised actually do shipping -__-
Don't have the dosh to buy these babies just yet!

But in the mean time, I can do with a cheap high street one
That looks half decent..
I was just sailing through polyvore and I found them.
Then I had a mini heartattack because it was in the US Topshop store
Stoopid. It's on the UK one as well
Topshop - $50/£25

Don't know which colour to get!
I haven't seen these in the shop yet and you all must know by now I don't like certain materials..
Nude = Goes with everything
Jade = Hot summer colour
Pink = Girlyyyyy!!
(Thinking of buying a bulk of Tree Spikes and doing a bit of DIY on the one I buy.. It's too plain for my liking! :) )
Definitely do not like the bag strap, should have been frosted too, makes it looks really tacky wtf :\

Hahahaa whyyyy am I so picky!

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