I remember, what feels like ages and ages ago, I did a post on the House of Dereon range by Beyonce and her mother. 
And how I didn't like the range and I wasn't at all impressed by it? 
Well yeah, you see the House of Dereon clothing range was being sold at Selfridges 
(For those who don't know Selfridges is a very high class designer department store). 
I went there last week so it still is being sold there. 
However, I bought a pair of really nice Adidas Honey Hook (or whatever it's called) trainers but they don't fit so as I was cruising over the Bank Fashion website, and I came across Beyonces pieces in the "New In" section.
Just goes to show how poorly the outfits are. Fair enough the prices are reasonable starting from £70 (Like a dress from Lipsy) but the designs are SOOOO cliche. You probably can go to Forever 21 and buy a dress that looks exactly the same which probably looks way prettier. There is no effort or thought put into the dresses, maybe it is a good idea to put it on the high street seeing as the designs lack...individuality? 
Eurgh, Not happy in other words. From Selfridges to a high street store? Nah-ah, doesn't suit a clothing range from a diva.
Sorry B.

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