Heeeeeeeeeeeey guys
I feel happy (at the moment) after a few weeks full of annoyance (hope that's a word)
I'll be giving you MORE fashion posts ASAP
- Not saying that I have no work to do, I do but I should put my blog first tonight! 

- Damn!

Hold on tight!!!

 GURLLLL, *SIGHS* You just don't do that. That is not a "hairstyle". It is "Art"
Ke$ha hear me out, DO NOT DO THIS AGAIN
Gold studs should be used on materials, not your pretty blonde head!!!! 

Applause to Lea Michele who always manages to look hot 
In this case the Hong Kong edition of Prestige :)
&, this basque reminds me of the post I did previously on Lana Del Rey wearing the same looka-likey basque...

I am in awe with Kendall and Kylie. At such young ages they have taken to modelling with grace! 
I think they were born for modelling, amazing figures and beautiful flawless skin. 
Going to be the most out-shined supermodels to take the world by storm! Don't say I never told you ;)
& Getting back on point, this is *drum roll* a sneak peak of an upcoming episode of Americas Next Top Model where the concept of the theme is "Toddlers and Tiaras". The hopefuls on ANTM are the toddlers if you haven't recognised yet. And yeah, Kris Jenner is also in the shoot, which she looks absolutely fabulous in if I say so myself.
Great work girls!

Someone tell me who this is???
(Rob Kardashians ex- girlfriend)
No name needs to be mentioned...
Don't get me wrong, wow. Love the combination, heels leather jacket, accessories, nails, HAIR!
And the dress (Apart from the wind whooshing it to the side and revealing her Vajayjay)
Wait, Vagina??????
Not hard when you clearly are wearing a transparent dress 
Jesus Christ
Adrienne Bailon; How to make a fashion statement the WRONG way.

Go on, just say it.
Gone are those days with Paris Hilton.
Here is the yummiest mummy ever, Nicole Richie :)
Absolutely love how her style has changed since she became a mum.
Besotted by her beautiful hair cut, blessed with amazing eyes and figure!
One very classy yet chic yet comfy styled woman you should always check out! ;)

Big butt Kunis Ahoy Sailorrrrr!!
Mila Kunis on the set of a Dior shoot.
This actress is beautiful, very talented and clever!
I love her and I have since That 70's Show!
There's not much photos leaked out yet so I won't be saying much..
Apart from us all knowing that Dior is known for its sophisticated, feminine shoots..
Expect a real natural beauty to come out of these!

Don't know her?
Well you should!
An over night model success story!
Kate Upton is a Sports Illustrated model who wowed everyone with her bikini magazine cover.
Oh yeah, and you have to admit how jealous you are because, that cleavage is AMAZING.
Blessed with a big bust, long legs, nice smile, hair, figure...
List goes on..
Actually I think I don't like her now!
Not your typical catwalk model with a thin frame, oh no curvy woman who eats what she wants and keeps herself fit, extraordinary!
- Those wedges are amazing, if anyone knows the make, let me know!

So these unique albeit different catwalk heels were designed by Kanye West for Guiseppe Zanotti.
As I said they were designed originally for catwalk models only, but now have gone on sale at 'Colette' @ Paris for a WHOPPING 4,420 Euros
Would it be worth it?
Would you pay every single penny (If you had the dosh) to buy these?
TBH I did kind of think, hmmm "what the hell.. this is not my cup of tea", then when I saw the photos of the models wearing them I quite like them!
But no way in hell would I pay 4,420 euros for those...I could buy myself 3-4 Herve Leger dresses!!!
Or loads of pairs of Louboutins *Dreams*

Katy Perry.
You think I got my facts wrong?
No seriously, this is Katy Perry
I know right, I still don't think it's her...
She seems miles away from her blue haired self, but in a very good way.
This burlesque theme is amazing, Perrys personality really shines through, and she most definitely does NOT need Russel Brand or any other man in her life!!
Sultry, glamorous, beautiful. I wouldn't mind if she looked like this for ever and ever and ever and e... you get my drift.

With J.Lo looking her best at 42, it just leaves me to say 
to all of us 20 year olds who sit around doing work on laptops, who don't look after our bodies, who eat junk, who don't eat healthily, some who don't eat enough, some who eat plenty for a full on 2 week meal in one day. *Sounds like me*
If you want to look your best at your prime then definitely, girls in particular, even a walk to the nearest shopping centre, or a 30 minute exercise routine every 2 days will be enough to make you FEEL better and make you get into a routine. 
Just don't fail at it, like me. LOL
Going to the shops is what I do best though, I'm always there. 

*News reader voice*
And this is the end of my MEGA post on my latest fashion updates.
I hope you have enjoyed reading them
and goodnight to you all
(Or good morning)
Muchos Besous!!!!

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