Flicking through my magazine, I spotted an advert.
What an advert.



Something I'm obviously interested in.
Fashion & Design
Something I'm obviously not interested in after reading the fees.

"Vogue Fashion Foundation Diploma"
£19,560.00 excluding VAT
Vogue Fashion Certificate
£6,600.00 excluding VAT

*Takes deep breath* 
So much for getting excited about a new enrollment after uni...PFFT

But for those who are interested, and can afford these fees
(*London slang* ALLOW YOU)
Can carry on reading the info about the courses they offer below.

The Vogue Fashion Foundation Diploma is a year long 

First Term

The curriculum will cover the entire spectrum of fashion with modules ranging from fashion photography to styling, from high-street to luxury brands, and from print to digital media.
They will focus on advertising, the beauty industry and the vital role of the retail sector. Students will learn about the language of fashion and how the complicated jigsaw puzzle 
of the industry works.

Second Term

In addition, students will work with their course director to select subject pathways for more intensive study during the second and third terms. Students must successfully complete the first term in order to progress to the second term.
The focus will be on a number of specific study areas drawn from term one.
For example, students may chose to focus on fashion retailing, advertising and PR or they may elect to study styling, beauty and fashion photography or, again, their specific interest may be in journalism and the mechanics of the fashion media in print and online.

Third Term

The final term has been structured to help students further develop their particular interests by means of a major, final creative project.
Although they will be encouraged to work independently they will be fully supported by a dedicated tutor, and will work as a member of a small team. 
The final project will be exhibited in the College’s Digital Exhibition Space.

& the Vogue Fashion Certificate is 10 weeks.

Subjects will include:

  • ~ The international fashion calendar
  • ~ Key fashion designers: their style & impact
  • ~ The language of fashion ~ Fashion journalism – print and digital
  • ~ PR and marketing ~ Styling and art direction
  • ~ The beauty and hair industries
  • ~ Brand marketing – luxury to high street
  • ~ Reail – from the atelier to online
  • ~ Fashion business – how it all works
(Yes, I realise the highlighted points above are slightly to the left and it is frikkin bugging me but I can't seem to make it go into the centre.)

Blah Blah Blah
Yada Yada Yada

Want more information?


& The location is in Central London.


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