All of my Lipsticks, Lipbalms & Lipglosses!
(One missing! Oops was on the phone guys sorry)
Amplified lipstick aka bold pigmented colour aka baby pink :)
Looks gorgeous on your lips and smells nice! Literally glides on like no tomorrow!!!
As you can see I've nearly finished it haha
MAC lipsticks are definitely best for the scents, creamyness, pigmentation and you know the rest!
Chatterbox is quite popular and I when I went to my MAC counter I was told to buy this as it was my first MAC lipstick :)
After a while I started to think the colour was too baby pinky for my skin tone (I'm like a milk bottle, apparently)
I think that was just an excuse I embedded in my head to go and buy a new one HAHAHA
Love life!

020 Rose Bikini
First lipstick I have ever bought! (I lie, second, because the first one I bought I lost it on a night out along with my Barry M lipgloss which you will read below)
Anyway, so I bought the exact same one because I love this!
I've never really used lipsticks because I have quite thin lips and I personally thought it just makes them looks thinner. Then I thought, fuck it who cares I want a lipstick too!
So instead of going for a bold colour I wanted something more shimmery than pigmented.
I can honestly say this does feel creamy, not so much like MAC but it is still creamy! It smells like a typical lipstick. I love that smell :)
It's a pinky apricotty colour with gold shimmers. It's absolutely beautiful. I love it, best cheap branded lipstick ever!

175 Pink Punch
I was on a hunt for a lipstick that looked like the Mac  'Quick Sizzle' and I came across this!
The colour is amazing I can tell you that!
And it smells like coconuts.
However, it's not as creamy as a MAC lipstick would be :( It's hard to slap it on it doesn't go on smoothly but hey, that's what you get for the price so I'm not going to moan.
If you're looking for a lipstick that cheaper than MAC and you want it in a nice bright colour then I'd say go for this, colour is GORGEOUS.
But if you have any other suggestions please do tell me! I do like a bit of a pink lipstick that's creamy :)

Watch Me Simmer
Oh yaaaaaaah bitches, I got my hands on this baby! After looking high and low for "Quick Sizzle" (Which I failed to find :( so unhappy about that) but then I found this! Now I don't own a coral coloured lipstick but this one has a pinkyness to it as well. Love it! Smells scrummy as well!
It's an amplified so its bright and glides on like wonders, quite matte if you ask me :))
Last time I checked, had some more left of this one and Runway Red. So yanno, check it out if you don't want to miss out on the Cook Mac Shop Mac range.

Yet again, a recent purchase!
Doesn't smell as nice as I would like it to, but it has the best tint ever. And the smallest dab of your finger goes a very long away! You would be amazed at how pigmented it is and how golden it makes your lips. Great purchase, when it finishes I will definitely buy a replacement, and probably try out the other tints as well!
(If it ever does finish...Don't think so small size but will last me ages!)

Cocoa Butter
Bet you all expected this baby to be in my make-up bag.
And yup, it is!
Everyone uses Vaseline, men, women, girls (maybe not boys they might think its homo//I haven't got nothing against gay men)
My favourite one has to be this cocoa butter one because it smells gorgeous. They're all the same apart from their smells (I think?)
Aloe Vera comes second. But I prefer this one!
All time favourite. Not gloopy just smooth, very shiny, makes your lips extremely smooth. Even makes your fingers and hands smooth once you've dipped them in!
 You can't EVER go wrong with Vaseline!!
Apart from the annoyance of the way its so hydrating and glossy, it seems to be waterproof and a pain to take off :)
French Vanilla
I bought this not long ago, and I literally swear buy this now!
Now okay, it's not glossy, it's not matte, it's not gloopy, sticky, dry. It's just a normal lipbalmer. But it smells REALLY nice like vanilla! And its so small like literally the size of my minuscule index finger (You should know how small my hands are)
I've literally finished most of it but it's another essential you need if all your aim is for soft lips, not so much a strong flavour and an all time balm that's not sticky but smooth :)

The oh-so-fashionable-carmex-pot
I tell ya, nearly every girl I know has either bought this, used it, dipped her finger in her mates pot, or wants to buy it!
It smells good, it feels good on your lips, it gives a nice glossy effect (not as glossy as Vaseline).
And the tub is tiny so it fits everywhere !
Give it a go :)

Perfect 3D in 48
(Excuse my flash and reflective silver text on lipgloss)
Seriously, it smells good and it looks good!
If you want lips that are extremely sparkly then you need this in your make up bag.
My girl was using this when I met up with her one day out (Although I'm not sure if it was exactly this colour. But I do remember hers being a slightly
beige colour.) Anyway, I was aiming to find the beigey colour because I don't have any nude lipsticks/lipglosses at all.
I was testing these all out then I came across this one!
Absolutely fell in love with the sparkles and opaque baby pink colour it gave out. I'm a sucker for pink, if you haven't noticed.
Always carry a mirror round though, you don't want it going all around your mouth haha!!

Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm
Colour = 'Passion'
Now I've never really had a thing for lip stains. I just don't want my lips stained, "yanno wha i mean?"
So I stupidly thought this would have a bright pink colour on my lips..
Erm, no. It goes into this really dark pink always red looking like I've had too much salt and my lips have turned all red. Loved the balm though and I still use it. Great for your eyebrows if you want them to have a shine to it :)

Shiny-licious fruity gloss - 850// Sugarplum
OMG you need to purchase this. It smells gorgeous and feels nice and gooey on your lips (in a good way haha)
I honestly think the scent will win you over, its got such a nice "sugarplummy" flavour. Absolutely gorgeous and it is quite sheer there isn't much sparkle but is more glossy.
My friend had this in high school and I've always been wanting to buy it ever since but as Oyku does, haven't really THOUGHT of it since (I'm at uni now)
When I went down to a store that was closing down in Romford- Essex (Yes, Amy Childs hometown if you know about the whole TOWIE malarky) and everything was on sale.
Was like £3 (Not too sure)
Barry M
Limited Edition Lip Gloss
(Sold with an Impulse Deodorant)
I actually previously purchased the same one before but I lost it on a night out so I HAD to buy another one.
Its baby pink with pink and gold glitter which looks amazing when you slap it on. I absolutely love it. It's something that you would need if you're a Barry M addict or a lipgloss fanatic.
You can definitely smell this a mile away...Smells like strawberries... But it does smell quite
sickening after a while, hmm...

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