Hey beautiful people :)
Just making an update so you don't get bored !!!
I've been busy with loads of uni work with one extremely BIG deadline at the end of this month, a 2,000 word essay beginning of next month as well as group work deadline due same time as the essay !!!
AND it's my best friends birthday coming up and I've arranged a surprise low key party for her,
also there's valentines day coming up (I'm booked up and busy till end of March) 
and I've applied for a part time Saturday job at a very cute boutique called GladRags!
Going back to the uni topic, I'm also doing a magazine publishing module, which I've managed to ask do a placement that starts from March and goes onto June - However my Graphic Design lecturer is not happy because I haven't been attending classes on a regular basis (I prefer working from home I can't concentrate with loud people around me) and she doesn't seem to understand that. She's not wanting me to do the placement but hey I hope she gives it a thumbs up!!!


I also will be making Vlogs! (Soonnnn, I promise.. After my hectic life falls into place)
Hauls, OOTD, cosmetics reviews, a post on GladRags. I also have a photoshoot arranged with a friend to take some pictures for his modelling portfolio and that will be underway too!

BUSY BUSY BUSY so much to do, so little time!!

I hope you all are good and keeping yourselves warm (If you're not in a cold country like me, enjoy the sun on your skin and know that I am jealous!! haha )

Muchos Amorrrrrrr

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