Hey beauties!
How you doing :) ?
I hope you all are very well and doin' well in these horrendous weather conditions! :(
Don't forget to moisturise daily, as the cold is your skins number one enemy!
Tomorrow I will be going to Birmingham Bullring.
For those of you who don't know, "Bullring" is an amazing shopping centre with boutiques and shops all around it :)
I'll be buying a few make-up products because I'm running very low on them!
Who knows, I may even do a haul vlog :)
Would be the first one but I do kinda feel a bit conscious on what you may think of me haha
Andddddd I, fingers crossed, will be taking my camera.
So you can see what it's all about ;)
This all depends if my friend can make it! Otherwise I will be doing some posts on the cosmetics I want to buy :)

Muchos Amore et Besous!!

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