okay okay okay I really need to get to bed 
because its 3am in England at the moment and my eyes feel blurry!
But I have so much gossip about the runways and designers 
I just want to do all the posts before I get to bed!

I'm just going to do quick posts of mainly photos and a small description about each post
If you have any questions please do ask!

First up we have the Jean-Paul Gaultier couture collection inspired by the late Amy Winehouse!
When I heard the news of Amy Winehouse passing away I was on holiday in Turkey and never the less it did break my heart because she had amazing songs and at high school I used to do a quiff with my hair and have VERY long black eyeliner flicks at the side of my eyes and so was nicknamed "Amy Winehouse"
To which it never bothered me :) I had my own style back then and it seemed that Winehouse and I shared the passion for being OTT hah! :)

So here's the collection and personally I think the dress that resembles her in the best way is the white and black polo dress :) 


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