I'm loving these black and white shots of Kristen Bell.
She looks smoking hot!
Her big waves of hair just tumble over her shoulders,
Her make-up has been done exceptionally well
(The face shot looks amazing, like it's for a cosmetics advert.)
The outfits she's wearing make her look like an upper class Parisian whore
or a Vampiress
Now don't get me wrong, that's a good thing :)
I love how you can put a story behind the photos...
Amazing shots! I'm impressed

Victoria Beckham has been in the fashion news for a very long time now, every line she creates, it's a big hit. 
As all fashionista's would know, she gave birth to a little baby girl very recently and these photos just show how much of an amazing figure she still has.
Her poise, her hair cut, her minimal yet fashionable outfits cry out one of the most successful women in the fashion industry.
I'm proud of Victoria Beckham, she hasn't used her hubby to make a fortune but she's done everything HER way and by herself!
Now that's what you call a powerful lady :)

(May I say I have a soft spot for Mrs Becks; when I was younger there was a group of my girls and I and we used to act like we were in the Spice Girls. I was chosen as Posh spice ;) haha)

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