I was lucky enough to spot this red faux leather jacket!
However, while shopping with my friend on a day out at Central London, 
my friend did say this reminded her of Michael Jackson - Thriller... 
I thought hmmm,
So I loved it. And bought it
And my boyfriend said the same thing as her! MJ !!

It's a three-quarter arm length jacket, hence why I loved it 
and there was also a navy colour and forgive me if I am wrong, 
but either a black or stone colour (Cannot remember sorry!) 

It would look great with waxed black jeans or indigo jeans
The darker the jeans the better! Reason being it's a bright colour, a statement piece and you don't want other clothes over-powering it ;)
Or it's a great piece for an LBD after all, it's freezing in most parts of the world!

What do you think?

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