Any of you recognise her?
Maybe you do because this beauty is 19 year old Zahia Dehar,
AKA formerly known as a French/Moroccon call girl !!

I just wanted to create this post to show you that previously yesterday I blogged about Kristen Bell looking like a Parisian whore, and how it sells....
 and voila, what do we see in the papers and on fashion news?
Former call girl having her own lingerie line!

Her photographs were shot by THE Karl Lagerfield????
Chanel's photographer
(you all should know who Karl Lagerfield is)

How on earth, may I say, does a former call girl
have such good luck in life!
Maybe it was the 3 famous footballers she slept with...
Well hey, I have nothing against her I'm just ecstatic to see what her lingerie line entails...
Cheap & Tacky
or  Amazing?
Yes yes, I do realise that if Mr Lagerfield is fond of Dehar, then the lingerie must be superb?
I do hope so....

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