(Lichtenberg seen here for his 
range @ Forever 21)

For those who, shockingly, have not heard of Brian Lichtenberg, he is the young designer who has created his high profile status for creating outfits for the Lady of pop, Gaga.

What caught my eye a few months back was a velvet Leapord print dress that 'The Saturdays' singer Rochelle Wiseman had worn for her birthday party.

 (Marvin Humes & Rochelle Wiseman 
heading to Alto Nightclub @ Mayfair, London)

The Lichtenberg dress looks absolutely immaculate on Rochelle.
She has done a fantastic job at wearing Christian Louboutin bow heels and had used her initiative of keeping the accessories/jewellery very low maintenance so the dress would take over the show!
Wiseman has gone for a very full on make-up set, which is perfect; Red lips and Smoky black eyes!


(Kim Kardashian @ The Lamar Odom & Rich Soil 
fashion line launch @ Kitson)

But that weren't the only female sexing that dress up, oh no.
Kim Kardashian? Oh yes.
With her amazing physique she has made justice to this dress,YES YES YES!!

- Brief Pause-

Those tights need to be ripped off her ASAP!
No Kimmie, the opaque tights just make you less sexier than you should be.
As all women should know, once wearing a dress you either leave the top half OR the bottom half bare.
In this case, Brian Lichtenberg's creation is a one sleeved dress, which shows no cleavage.

It's not a fashion crime to be covered up, but Rochelle had got the outfit just right.
Only wish Kim wore her style instead!!

Hear this sister out :)

Want to get your hands on this beauty?
Not to fear, for 'only' £390.00 you can so by going to your nearest Selfridges store (United Kingdom)

& here is the website if you're an online shopping fanatic :)

Muchos Amor & Besos,

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